***Urgent Notice***



      -- ALL MEMBERS. And everyone who uses and cares about the Hall.


The blunt fact is that Fellowship Hall is out of money. After an extended period of operating in the red, our savings are exhausted. We have funds to cover payroll and expenses (mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc.) for the next couple of weeks. After that, if we do not rise to this occasion, then the Hall will be closing its doors. That would be a tragic loss for us all.

We need to immediately increase our daily revenue by $100 to stay afloat. How can we do that?

MEMBERSHIP DUES. Even if you only attend one meeting a day – or a week – please join the membership. NOW! That’s a small price to pay to keep alive our safe place of recovery for everyone. Unless more of us begin paying membership dues, the Hall – and your favorite meeting – will no longer be there for you.

MEETINGS. Please respond to this emergency in a way that will help. Chip in a larger percentage of your basket as meeting rent. Add a surcharge to your rent formula. Encourage people to become members. Please do whatever will help. Remember this: it costs the Hall about $30 to operate for the hour of your meeting. Please make it a priority to come at least as close as possible to covering the Hall’s operating expenses for that precious hour. Take the actions as individuals – and as a group – that will allow us to keep the doors open and the lights on, so that your meeting can continue.

CASH DONATIONS. If you can afford it, make a tax-deductible cash donation at the counter to the Fellowship Foundation. Or go below to contribute. At this point, every dollar can make the difference.

Fellowship Hall has been open 365 days a year for 23 years for everyone who has needed it. And now Fellowship Hall needs you to help us stay open for everyone who needs it in the future. Every little bit helps. We can do this together. But the time for action is NOW.

Thanks for your attention to this.


The Board of Directors & the Membership of Fellowship Hall.

The Fellowship Hall is available to host your next recovery event.

  • Memorial service hosting. 
  • Fund Raisers. 
  • Hosting workshops on recovery. 

Consider us for your 12 step meeting location.

Contact the manager for details

 Please consider supporting our efforts to keep recovery available in Salt Lake by donating to the Fellowship Foundation. All donations are tax deductible.



The Fellowship Foundation needs your support in helping to maintain the Fellowship Hall, and expand these vital social support services. All donations are fully tax deductible. Please call us if you would be willing to donate, or click the button to the left to donate with credit card or paypal account.
Sometimes it is unclear how much of a difference a small donation can make in a person's life. Supporters like you help to transform the lives of our members and enhance the quality of life for our community. Please help the Fellowship Foundation continue to make a difference for those troubled by alcoholism, drug and other addictions.
Use the donate button on the left to donate any amount through paypal secured server.
Your information will not be distributed to anyone.
Please give what you can, and Thank you for your support!