Fellowship Hall Rules

MISSION STATEMENT  -  Fellowship Foundation Incorporated exists for the purpose of providing a facility for mutually supportive association among its members in which the principles of better living, good citizenship, charity, justice, and brotherly love may be cultivated in a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment.

  • Fellowship Hall is a MEMBERS ONLY club.
  • Only current dues paying members may play cards, chess, dominoes, or any other social game inside or on the grounds of the hall.
  • Only members are permitted to use the computer or wireless access and the member using the computer or wireless access agrees to the Internet and Computer Use Policy.
  • No alcohol, drugs, gambling, weapons, fireworks or pets are allowed on the property except licensed “service animals”.
  • Parents must DIRECTLY supervise children at ALL TIMES.
  • Persons creating a disturbance will be asked to leave until they calm down. If it becomes necessary to call the police, the offender must appear before the Board of Directors before being allowed back on the property (Hall or grounds).
  • Fellowship Hall has a “Zero Tolerance” for predatory behavior.
  • Due to health regulations, no one is allowed to put their feet on the tables. Shirt & shoes must be worn at all times on the premises.
  • Loud, obscene, or threatening language will not be tolerated. Anyone using such language will be asked to leave.
  • No loitering or sleeping on the premises is allowed.
  • No storage of personal property is allowed on the premises.
  • No overnight parking is allowed.
  • No "panhandling" or "solicitation" is allowed.
  • No smoking is allowed in the Hall or outside the building within twenty-five feet (25’) of any door or window that opens into the Hall. No smoking on the grounds or in the Hall by anyone under the age of eighteen (18).
  • Anyone under the age of sixteen (16) may not be on the premises after 8:00 pm unless accompanied by a parent.
  • Fellowship Hall is not responsible for group money left at the Hall.
  • Fellowship Hall is not responsible for personal property brought to or left at the Hall.
  • Fellowship Hall is not responsible for vehicles brought to or parked at the Hall.
  • If you violate any of these rules you may be asked to leave the premises. You may not return until you have the approval of the manager. At the managers sole discretion you may be asked to leave until you attend a Board of Directors meeting and request approval to return to the premises. Approval to return if granted may be qualified by the Board in any manner it deems appropriate.
  • Outside food and beverages may ONLY be brought to twelve step meetings held at the hall and consumed ONLY during the twelve step meetings.

The Members of Fellowship Hall ask that you please keep your membership current – Please help keep the doors open for the newcomers to come and 12 step meetings to be safely held.

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