In the early 1940's The Altrum Group of Alcoholics Anonymous in Salt Lake City, Utah acquired an old church building in Salt Lake City to hold AA recovery meetings and "for a place where other alcoholics might find themselves again." The meeting place was later named Altrum Hall.

To distinguish between Alcoholics Anonymous and their meeting place, Altrum Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1951.

Altrum Foundation (later renamed Fellowship Foundation) in an attempt to increase services to those in recovery from alcoholism, built a new facility which opened during November 1960. The move was made to have a facility that was more suitable to expanding needs and less expensive to maintain. Subsequently the local government severely restricted the building occupancy and number of alcoholic recovery meetings permitted per day or week.

In July 1990, Fellowship Foundation acquired its present facility. This was a major turning point. The future of Fellowship Foundation is very bright today. Several recovery meetings occur every day - morning, noon, and evening; the facility is presently open 18 hours a day for one-on-one recovery discussions and other recovery activities.

The most important services offered by Fellowship Foundation are provided free of charge. To wit, an informal, safe environment where members and the community at large may gather to discuss recovery from dependencies on drugs and/or alcohol is provided. Via this atmosphere and the Twelve Step Recovery Meetings conducted on the premises, a spirit of mutual support is fostered which facilitates recovery from drug and/or alcohol dependencies for the members and other participating people. The Hall presently provides meeting space for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), Alanon, NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and CA (Cocaine Anonymous), and other 12 step groups

The Fellowship Foundation and Fellowship Hall rely a great deal on membership dues. Currently dues are $8.00 per month or $80.00 per year. We make our facilities available for rental for the purpose of conducting regularly scheduled and special meetings of various groups within the Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alanon, and other Twelve Step Recovery Programs. We provide coffee to those meetings at a reduced rate. We offer literature for sale which is relevant to those Twelve Step Recovery Programs. We conduct various activities such as dinners, dances, car washes, etc. to obtain funds to pay for other free Recovery related activities sponsored and conducted by the Fellowship Foundation.

The Board of Directors and Officers of the Corporation are all volunteers elected from the body of dues paying members. All committee members are volunteers. We utilize the services of people who are ordered by the courts to perform "Community Service" as an integral part of our maintenance and janitorial staff to satisfy all or part of those "Community Service" requirements. We participate in the Sugarhouse Chamber of Commerce to promote the image of Fellowship Foundation within the community. We accept donations of money or goods and services which we believe will be useful toward achieving our stated purposes.

Each member or non-member of Fellowship Foundation is free to make known the availability of Foundation's facilities and its services to others in the community who have any interest in recovery from drug and alcohol dependencies. Fellowship Foundation publishes a newsletter periodically which contains schedules of activities conducted at the Hall. Newsletters are sent out via email, and you can sign up to be on the mailing list by clicking on the link button in the menu..

Members in good standing for 30 days or more have the privilege of voting on all issues brought before the membership at the regular and special meetings of the membership including the election of the members to the Board of Directors of Fellowship Foundation. Members in good standing for one year or more have the privilege of holding elective office in Fellowship Foundation Incorporated.

Fellowship Foundation Incorporated operates a coffee shop on its premises at 2060 South Windsor Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. General pricing guidelines are controlled by the Board of Directors. Day-to-day pricing decisions are made by the manager of Fellowship Hall. Groups using the facilities to conduct meetings are requested to pay a rental fee of 50% of the net amount of donations received by that group during that meeting. Recovery oriented literature is available for purchase and is priced by the manager of Fellowship Hall with the approval of the Board of Directors. Admission prices, if any, and other charges associated with the various money raising activities are recommended by the Chairman of the Entertainment Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

A primary purpose of the Foundation is to provide availability for anyone wishing to attend a twelve step meeting or be in a clean and sober environment.To maintain availability to anyone in need, the pricing considerations for all fees associated with the hall or its services are kept to a minimal operating profit level.

As a direct result of this limited operating profit goal, outside funding sources should be pursued for major capital funding commitments.

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